EN/JP fan name:ChuUnis

I try not to look at top viewer as much as possible.
#VTuber #紫苑雲丹 


I was ready for it. I’m going to stiff English.

I want to be able to speak English better than I can now, and I need your help to do it!
go for it Uni!!!!

※Please refrain from making sensitive comments in my distribution.※


????迷えるあなたの道をひらく、紫苑雲丹(Shion Uni)です????



i can understand and speak English a litter bit.
I’m Shion Uni ????,I open the way for you to get lost. call me Uni or Shion san.

I’m a personal VTuber! Mahjong????Beginner, love cosmetics????and do reviews????.

Don’t mind if my account name and activity name are different ☆.

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