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Welcome to the stream, my ExpeRiements~
Thank you for being summoned here~ ✨

〘Aurora Project Discord Server〙

〘Truly appreciate your support〙
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Mohon dipatuhi peraturannya ya. Meskipun dunia virtual namun etika masih berlaku.
1. Jangan spam, jika kalian spam maka akan di mute oleh moderator
2. Mohon untuk saling menghormati.
3. Sopan di dalam live chat. Apabila ada yang berbicara kasar dalam donasi, Rie gak akan membaca isinya.
4. Hindari topik-topik yang sensitif (SARA) di live chat
5. Mohon jangan bahas Vtuber lain di live chat kecuali Rie duluan yang mulai. Sebaliknya juga jangan membawa nama Rie dalam stream Vtuber lain.
6. Sebisa mungkin hindari Out Of Topic (OOT), Bahas sesuai topik yang ada
7. Jangan spoiler atau backseat kecuali saat Rie meminta bantuan.

Please, follow the rules.
1. Please, be mindful. No spamming, no trauma dumping, or harmful words that could be considered triggering to others. The moderator will take action.
2. Be respectful! Don’t be rude or mean to others in chat.
3. Any rude comments in a donation, I will thank you for the donation, but I will not read the message.
4. No discussions or comments about politics, drama, or doxing speculations.
5. Don’t bring up other Vtubers in chat unless I bring them up first. Additionally, please do not bring ME up in other Vtubers chats as well.
6. Please stay on topic during the stream.
7. No spoiler or backseat unless I ask for help.

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