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???? $10 – Onii chan! Daaaisuki
???? $30 – Baka!
???? $50 – Urusai!
???? $69 – Ara ara~
???? $80 – Baka janai no?
❤️‍???? $100 – Dai dai daisuki da
❤️‍???? $200 – Aishiteru yo
???? $500 – Desuwa
???? $1000 – Gohan ni suru ofu…

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Binaural ASMR Free Talk – Soft Spoken, Deep Low Voice, Positive Affirmation, Jazz BGM (Zatsudan / Just Chatting)
Utada Zoey – New Vtuber / Vsinger
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Live2D: Pole
Rigging: Shiroi

Opening & Ending
yami_ara, KowatsuNoBreak

ArtNailum, BangSat3D


Full Credit: https://l1nk.dev/Swgfl

Hololive first exposed me to the world of Vtuber (バーチャル youtuber), then Nijisanji, Vshojo, and so on. Gawr Gura and Mori Calliope were two of the first English Vtubers I discovered. These animated streamers are more than simply anime girls. They showed me how to become a vtuber. These Vtubers’ game play and game reviews influenced me. Aside from video games, their music and songs are also quite enjoyable. Will you play with me? I enjoy the aspect of myself, which is a yandere wife or girlfriend. And as a Vsinger, I adore karaoke and binaural ASMR with 3Dio. Subscribe to Utada Zoey for more VTuber clips english vtuber memes shitposts