Which Kora do you like better?

Scratch that- which Kora like YOU better?
(Spoiler: It’s neither of them.)


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☂【 Chat Rules 】☂

⭑ Be nice in the chat! To me, others, and yourself. I love it when people tease me, but if I see you’re continuously spewing blatant hatred, you’ll be kicked out.
⭑ Do not harass/ask me to do things/respond to you.
⭑ Don’t spam or constantly bug other viewers, this includes moderators. Everyone’s here to watch and have fun!
⭑ No trauma-dumping, spamming, self-promotion, trolling, discriminatory, homophobic/racist/sexist comments.
⭑ No roleplaying or impersonation.
⭑ Don’t constantly bring up other streamers or Vtubers unless I talk about them first.
⭑ Please do not backseat.. unless I ask for your help! (I definitely will…so be patient!)
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Model Artwork: kamamesigogo123 (https://twitter.com/kamamesigogo123)
Model Rigging: aimin_chiyoko (https://twitter.com/aimin_chiyoko)
Overlays: merrypamerry (https://twitter.com/merrypamerry)
BGM: Meinko_Oka (https://twitter.com/Meinko_Oka)
Starting/Ending Screen: (https://twitter.com/chloee_desu)
Staring/Ending BGM: (https://twitter.com/OfficialAefen)


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Kora Kurage is part of RealCorp’s 1st generation of English vtubers. Despite being a jellyfish ballerina, she’s an absolute gremlin & menace to society who loves avant-garde humor, DILFs, and bantering with her viewers. She’s a huge fan of the Yakuza series, and she’s terrified of horror games but will play them anyway.

Founded in 2022, RealCorp is an American vtuber agency that values the creative expression of its talents.

Just Chatting / Zatsudan is a stream that is generally focused on interacting with viewers.