Wakaru ver. Beta is an easy to use VTuber face tracking software that doesn’t require the use of VR device. All you need is a PC webcam. It allows you to import MMD’s pmx/pmd and VRM models into the software. It captures face motion, eyes, mouth and even limited hand motions.

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For a complete free software, it far exceeds my expectations. This one is a very well developed software that accurately tracks your face, eyes, brows and mouth.

With plenty of inbuilt real-time gestures and body poses controls functions that binds to the hotkeys, some of which are user configurable that allows facial expressions to be binded to the keys. Plus host of other functions and options to optimize and stabilize the motion capture of the software tracking to make movements more smoother and natural looking. I recommend this Vtuber software for those who wants to be a vtuber who only has a PC webcam. This tool works pretty well.

Developed by eyeyokotta (えいえいっ! 怒った?) in 2018.

Only downloadable through Steam (Wakaru Beta 1.1.1):

https://store.steampowered.com/app/870820/Wakaru_ver_beta/ https://twitter.com/eyeyokotta/status/1024693395665473537

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3d character models:
Alicia_solid ニコニ立体ちゃん http://3d.nicovideo.jp/alicia/ © DWANGO Co. Ltd


NES/FC Double Dragon 2: The Revenge

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