‧₊˚ ꒰ HII IM NAVI !! ꒱ ˚₊‧

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~ Just a demonic catboy VTuber who streams games and chatting????

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・Be respectful to other Chatters / Mods / Navi
・English only
・No promo / Self-promo / Mentioning other streamers
・Keep chat in context, No out of context stuff
・Don’t say out of pocket / NSFW stuff unless I start acting sus
・Don’t trauma drop idc i’m an anime boy
・Clipping helps me a lot! Clip anything that you think is clippable (send it on the discord server)

– https://nightbot.tv/y/@navichh/commands

✦ General: #NaviCatboy
✦ Art: #Navisillust
✦ NSFW: #NaviSussy

✧ Live2D Model: Shiroukosan
✧ Chibi Model: HoneyKudzu
✧ Thumbnail: FluffWrathful, Mavros_15rs
✧ Overlay: Shiinareii / aeru studio
✧ Transition: Spvwvky (red star) , PaleFilmsUK (genshin wish)
✧ BGM: Stream Cafe????

#vtuber #envtuber #catvis