The free version of 3tene is a windows Vtuber app with only basic facial motion tracking and Leap Motion capability, requiring only a PC webcam . Free version doesn’t have Intel Real Sense sensor + Nuitrack, IPhone X, VR mode, and Live 2D compatibility & support implemented in this software, that which only 3tene Pro version has.

It does not have an avatar creation studio and it only supports VRM models. Developed by PLUSPLUS Co Ltd 2018.

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Zunko Tohoku (東北ずん子) Copyright (C) 2020 SSS LLC

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Double Dragon II: The Revenge Album Arranged soundtrack (Roar of the Twin Dragons)
Super Street Fighter II Turbo Arcade CPS2 – Guile Stage –
NES/FC Megaman 2
NES/FC Metroid

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