Learning parenting skills so that I can be a good mother!

Art: https://twitter.com/ren_degen

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ʕ ⊃・ ◡ ・ ʔ⊃【Chat Rules】
ʕ ·ᴥʔ 1. Please follow the rules so we can all have a fun time! Or else I won’t take you to my favorite dumpster!
ʕ ·ᴥʔ 2. No spamming or trolling! If you see spam or trolling, don’t respond! Block and report!
ʕ ·ᴥʔ 3. Please don’t talk about other streamers unless I bring them up, and don’t talk about me on other streamers without their permission.
ʕ ·ᴥʔ 4. Please don’t bring unrelated topics to the stream.
ʕ ·ᴥʔ 5. Please do not reveal personal information about anyone, including yourself.
ʕ ·ᴥʔ 6. Please NO backseating or spoilers in the chat unless I ask!
ʕ ·ᴥʔ 7. Please enjoy chatting before the stream, as long as it’s related to Fujikura Uruka!
ʕ ·ᴥʔ 8. Let’s have fun together! ◟ʕ´∀`ʔ◞

୧ʕ ◕ o ◕ ʔ୨ Start/End Screen:
Art: https://twitter.com/anna_drw01
Animation: https://twitter.com/KJOEE88

୧ʕ ◕ o ◕ ʔ୨ Overlays and Schedule Graphic:

୧ʕ ◕ o ◕ ʔ୨ Room Screen:

୧ʕ ◕ o ◕ ʔ୨ BRB Screen:

୧ʕ ◕ o ◕ ʔ୨ Alerts:

୧ʕ ◕ o ◕ ʔ୨ Chat CSS:

ต( ິᵒ̴̶̷̤ ﻌ ᵒ̴̶̷̤ )ິ ♬ BGM
Start/End: https://twitter.com/animecio
Regular BGM: wc.
BRB: https://dova-s.jp/bgm/play14525.html

ʕ ゚ ● ゚ʔ Emotes:

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