A very basic fishing game that have some redeeming qualities.
I wasn’t able to catch a fish at first and I had to go check a FAQ.
The game became boring pretty quickly.

Co-headed by director Makoto Hijiya and producer Tomio Kanazawa, Virtual Fishing was created by most of the staff who previously created V-Tetris under supervision of Bullet-Proof Software and would later work on SD Gundam Dimension War. After its Japanese launch, plans for an international release were underway by THQ, but the North American localization was ultimately never published. The game is considered a sought-after item on the game collecting market. It garnered mixed reception from gaming publications since its release, while retrospective commentary have been equally similar. Despite not being officially released outside Japan, an English fan translation exists.

Gameplay from Emulator (RetroArch).
Saves states can has been used.

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