Media Representation is an important facet of media, anime, video games, and entertainment. With Content Creation opening up all types of mediums, vtubers become inspirations. As a fellow brotha, here’s Black Representation in the VTuber Industry!

Happy Black History Month!

Ayo, it’s Taledo, your virtual fallen angel, and let’s talk and meme about it. That’s what we do.

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BagheadBeatz – Twilight Serenade

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⌚ Timestamps:
0:00 Intro
0:20 Intro to Media Representation
1:56 Content Creation and VTubing
4:38 Black VTubers
6:44 Black VTuber Artists
8:10 Why Representation Matters

9:26 Conclusion

Black VTubers Featured:
@KishinShinobi :
@blazettemidnight :
@TheGawdTV :
@Meltymoon :
@SerinaMaiko :
@ruzuuzuzu :
@ArcticAaliyah :
@Evanit0 :
@S4D :
@lovmura :
@keiseira :
@YamiUmai :
@MalakaiLazuli :
@trinityvtuber :
@TiffanyWitcher :
@KenjiSun :
@HeavenlyyFather :
@UzuriMia :
@Bapha_vt :
@sofavtuber :
@azurelyght :
@mommykinsASMR :
@sleepyriri :
@static@statictokyo :
@ZippkeyYT :


Ayo! Taledo is a Fallen Angel who does a combination of commentary, entertainment, education, and complaining. His videos cover VTuber topics, Content Creation, Internet Culture, and Media Entertainment. They cover any trendy topic of interest providing insightful commentary, memes, and laughs. Hope you enjoy your stay!

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