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Twitter : https://twitter.com/ReinaNatsumi
Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/reinanatsumi
Marshmallow : https://marshmallow-qa.com/reinanatsumi

General : #ReinaNatsumi
Live : #LivelyReina
Fanart/Fangift : #Natosumi
Memes : #Reinapasi
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Oshi Marks : ????✨

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✕ Please do not make comments and actions that make someone uncomfortable.
✕ Please don’t respond to spam or trolling, you can block and report quietly.
✕ Please don’t talk about other streamers when it’s not being discussed.
✕ Please don’t spoil anything related to the game being played (except when I asked for it).
✕ Minimum conversation between comments! Please talk to me!

????Use marshmallows for request a song (but there’s no guarantee that I will sing the song)????

✰ Keluarga Yupi Gen Mates ✰

???? Kanaya Yubina

???????? Chihiro Yoshie

???? Miego Renka

✰ StarsLight Project ✰
Email : hello@starslightproject.my.id
Official Twitter : https://twitter.com/ProjectStars1
Official Discord : https://discord.gg/ZVUmCvG4H2
YouTube Channel :
Website : https://starslightproject.my.id/

✧ Credits
Assets I use on stream: Kirby stream assets from twitter.com/JorunnaV and Duck plush arm from Ariru
Art Model : Tenshi Caerulus https://twitter.com/Snowwhiteangel_
Riging Model : Kanisu Aryasetya https://twitter.com/AryasetyaKanisu
Loading, Overlay, and Ending Screens : Ka Agito https://twitter.com/ka_agito
Logo : Yuko27 https://twitter.com/Saltyuko28
BGM : ウサギ屋の音楽室

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