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Hello, my name is Kuroto Shiro. I’m a Vtuber.
Kuro means black, Shiro means white.
My name means Black and White.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.
My current target is to get 1000 subscriber.
Help me grow my channel.

My English not very good but I can speak a bit.
I’m not very talkative. I’m sorry if I get nervous sometimes.
Everyone keep asking me where I’m from. I’m from Malaysia. So you can say I’m Malaysian Vtuber.
I hope we can get along and hopefully you like my stream 🙂

【Stream rules】
1) Don’t ask anything ridiculous or annoy me. (Example: revealing my age, show my face, any political issues, etc.)
2) Don’t order me around. I don’t like that. Unless it just a simple advice.
3) Respect each other in chat.
4) Don’t involved me with any drama.
5) I can play with you if you invite me (Valorant, Apex, etc,) depending on what kind of games I stream or being friendly with you, but it doesn’t mean that you can take advantage of my kindness.
6) Your relationship with me just only between entertainer streamer and viewer only. Nothing more than that.
7) If you really want to support me, then support me the way every streamer/Vtuber want.

【Thumbnail character illustration credit to: 】

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GinoKiriko

【Opening music credit to: 】

Music from https://freetousemusic.com
affogato by lukrembo

【Arisu dancing video credit to: 】

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