???? AURAGRAPH, バーチャルボーイ Atsu, Zer0 れい, 沙漠鱿鱼猫 & シ Corp. – Integrated | FULL ALBUM

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???? Tracklist:
01. AURAGRAPH & バーチャルボーイ Atsu – Symbiosis (00:00)
02. Zer0 れい, 沙漠鱿鱼猫 & 猫 シ Corp. – HongTerra 世界 (03:34)

ℹ️ Information:

Five talented artists from the USA, UK, Chile, The Netherlands, and Belgium join forces to create two extraordinary songs. Blending their unique styles and influences, this cross-cultural collaboration showcases their unique creativity and proves that music knows no boundaries. From distant continents, these visionary musicians unite to created something truly unique.

► These two tracks have previously been licensed to the Dreampunk Record Club INTEGRATED-001 Compilation LP.
► Mastered by Joona Lukala at Noise for Fiction studio.

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