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CahirLIVE, legendary adventurer and vtuber, streams pokemon live as he begins a new adventure in Kanto with PokeMMO! This Pokemon MMO, massive multiplayer online, is a huge game with four regions, Kanto from Pokemon Red and Blue, Hoenn from Pokemon Emerald, Sinnoh from Pokemon Platinum and Unova from Pokemon Black and White, and lets you battle other players in competitive pokemon with teams you made yourself and trade with other players. Will Cahir find the shiny Pokemon, like famous YouTube AlphaRad, RTGame, or Patterrz, let’s find out!

CahirLIVE is a male tiger vtuber, but an indie vtuber like snuffy, rather than affiliated with a company like kiara from hololive, ironmouse from vshojo, Regis Altare from Holostars or Shu Yamino from Nijisanji. He mostly streams pokemon content, like nuzlockes, similar to Pokemon Challenges, Patterrz or Gameboyluke, Pokemon challenges, like Pointcrow, Smallant and AlphaRad or fangames, like aDrive and MunchingOrange