hi! it’s me sun elio~ i love talking to people and playing fun games! if you enjoy chill streams you can drop by, i stream on youtube if you wanna join my live streams!

donate here: https://streamlabs.com/suneliovt/tip

links: https://linktr.ee/suneliovt

・be respectful to other viewers including myself. any forms of discrimination, harassment, drama, doxing (even speculations), etc. are not welcome here.
・no spam or trolling. just block, report, and ignore those.
・no spoilers please unless I ask for it!
・please stay on-topic with the livestream. no unrelated topics or personal side conversations.
・do not mention other vtubers unless I mention them first. that includes mentioning me in other vtuber’s streams (this includes mentioning that you’d rather watch someone else, even if you don’t mention a name, it is still very disrespectful).
・no backseating.
・no backseat modding!
・you CAN bully me as a joke, but KNOW that some things aren’t funny and KNOW your boundaries, think of it as “wow if someone said that to me i’d be sad” and just don’t say it.
・don’t be an asshole to my mods or other viewers.
・don’t be annoying/weird, you will get bonked!

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