———————– GAME ———————–

———————– CHAT RULES ———————–
– Be kind.
– No argument or drama.
– Please keep the majority of chat in English.
– No Aggressive Backseating.
– Respect others. Discrimination will not be tolerated (sexism, racism, homophobia, etc).
– Unless I brought it up first do not talk about: Other Vtubers, Politics, Sensitive Topics, Religion.

—————[ About Me ]——–
I’m Osmer Mavok! Chatty, Geeky Necromancer Vtuber and I aimed to be a male vtuber for fellow gents! a lad for the lads! A bro for the bros! Degen prime for fellow gentlemen of culture!

—————[ Credit ]————-
Vtuber design and illustration by:
maruyama (https://twitter.com/nxc000)

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