Temporary thumbnail. My name is Jeena, and I’m a royal knight in Angloheim who loves horses and good stories.

I don’t quite remember what we were doing last time, but I do know that we have a gym battle on the way. We got the medicine to cure Amphy the ampharos so that the gym leader can go back to the gym and battle people. One thing I do remember is that our baby dratini died. I’m still a bit salty about it ???? Today we’ll start by grinding the battling team up so that we’re ready to face Jasmine, and then it’s go time!

A nuzlocke is a challenge in pokémon to make the game a bit more difficult and with these rules it is possible to loose. The rules I will go by are:

  1. Every pokémon must be named
  2. If a pokémon faints it dies and must be placed in the graveyard.
  3. You can only catch the first pokémon encountered in each route.
  4. (Dupes clause) If the encounter is a pokémon already caught, the encounter may be rerolled until a new pokémon is found.
  5. (Shiny clause) If a pokémon is shiny, it may be caught and used in battle.
  6. Gift/Event pokémon doesn’t count as an encounter.
  7. Battles are fought in set battle mode.

I tend to keep a team of 6 pokémon with me and not change them out for every gym, I know a lot of nuzlockers don’t do this, but it makes the game more enjoyable for me 🙂

I hope you will join in my adventure around the Johto region in one of the (in my opinion) cutest pokémon games!

Chat is English only
Don’t talk about other vtubers or steamers unless I’m the one bringing them up
No backseat gaming
No spoilers!
Please don’t ask about or share any private information
Be kind and have fun 🙂

Model and Design
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