My name is Jeena, and I’m a royal knight in Angloheim who loves horses and good stories.

Today we’re playing Hogwarts Legacy. I’ve waited on my owl for about 20 years now, and it finally came! I’m going to Hogwarts! Except that its the 19th century, and I’m a fifth year… But still!

Last time we Got very distracted by a lot of things. We also got to see Sebastian’s home village and less than functioning family. Today we’ll work on the main quests and (hopefully) not get distracted!

And in case I need to say it, I do not approve of what the author of this world is saying nor many of her views.

Chat is English only
Don’t talk about other vtubers or steamers unless I’m the one bringing them up
No backseat gaming
No spoilers!
Please don’t ask about or share any private information
Be kind and have fun 🙂

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