The solo queue rank grind for apex legends continues… with the current rank elo being Platinum.

+=Welcome To The Stream=+

+= Viewer Guidelines =+
1. Main Language is English, so do keep chat in English please so that everyone can understand clearly
2. Respect the streamer and other viewers in chat.
3. Ignore and report bots/spams comments.
4. Avoid mentioning about other streamers unless related to topic at hand. Same goes for not mentioning me on other streamers’ chat.
5. I prefer to not have backseaters as I like challenge, so please avoid such behaviors unless I request ‘back up’.
6. I appreciate it if you can keep the chat in English so it is easier for me and others to understand.

+= Live2d =+
Design: me
Rig: me
Current design is a placeholder. At some point, I will be redesigning my looks, after I improve my drawing.

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