p>Support me and the stream: https://streamelements.com/noriboshiarielle/tip (incentive list below)

Incentives here in description! I’m raising money to make back the costs of my car repairs earlier this year, as well as to fund future projects & streaming!

DONATION INCENTIVES (still working on them):
Chat writes tweet – $100
Drink pilk (a few different ratios of Pepsi to milk) – $200
Chat chooses meal – $300
Chat changes Twitter profile picture for 3 days – $400
Skeb in outfit of chat’s choice (not spicy) – $500
Chat writes another tweet – $600
Drink Orange Joe (whole mug, I have to finish) – $750
Samyang Buldak fire noodles – $1000 (every $50 over = 10 minutes I can’t have milk or ice cream, up to 1 hour)
First ASMR stream (I have a 3Dio!) – $1250
Spicy Skeb in outfit of chat’s choice – $1500
Meme song cover of chat’s choice – $2000
Eat Samyang Buldak 2X fire noodles – $2500 (every $50 over = 10 minutes I can’t have milk or ice cream, up to 1 1/2 hours/90 minutes)
Meal cooking stream with handcam (chat’s choice recipe) – $3000
Baking stream with handcam (chat’s choice recipe) – $3500
I play Sonic ’06 on stream until I beat it – $5000

I’ll also have some recurring incentives like ara ara, cat ears, Beanboozled, & more once I have everything I need, including MY VOICE (I’m very hoarse right now from the cold I just got over)

By sending a tip/donation through StreamElements, you agree that it is non-refundable, and that you will not issue a chargeback.

Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cantomancer

Rules (under construction forever):
-Don’t be toxic or discriminatory in chat.
-No discussion of controversial topics (politics, religion, etc.)
-I’ll probably be chill about other streamers coming up, but don’t outright advertise yourself or anyone. PRISM Project & my friends will probably come up, & that’s okay.
-I’m here to lift your spirits, but I’m not a medical professional, nor am I your therapist. Please don’t engage in trauma dumping.

Mic: Samson C01 (large diaphragm XLR condenser microphone) connected to Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd gen audio interface