5/28~ Twitchに移動します!!

Hello everyone!
Thank you for always listening to the music I make ☺️
For a limited time, we will play the game streaming on YouTube every day for a week!
After a week, the game will be live on Twitch!!

Fortunately, I have subscribers all over the world✨
When I become more famous, I would like to do music LIVE in a virtual space where I can connect with people all over the world????✨
I will do my best so that this activity can be the first step.

thank you for reading it until the very end.
Have a nice day☺️

(This message uses a translator! I’m sorry if the English is wrong ????‍♀️)

mino 【Twitter】@mino_kitsune

ME/LABOさん 【Twitter】@Me_LABO96