Hello my sweet Bread Roll! Thank you for coming! ❀ܓ(。◠ ꇴ ◠。 )

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Welcome to the bakery!

General: #cherrysbreadrolls
Memes: #cherrypiememes
Art: #cherrypieart
Fan Name: Bread Rolls
Oshi mark: ????????

1. Be a good breadroll.
2. No spamming, bullying or trolling. Do not respond to them just block, report and ignore.
3. Talk about the stream, no controversial subjects and no personal questions unless I allow it.
4. Don’t talk about other streamers unless I mention them first and don’t mention me in other streamer’s chat without their consent.
5. No spoilers please.
6. Try your best not to backseat. I want to enjoy the game at my own pace and give everyone a fun experience on stream. If I am struggling and need any help, then I will ask.
7. Respect our moderators! They are working really hard to keep chat safe for all of us. ❤️

???? If you fail to follow these rules you will face the 3 day old ban-baguette. ????
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