DISCLAIMER: Unless there is evidence shown by the nijisanji critic/poster, things shown in the video are opinions, and theory/allegations from a random reddit poster, and are not to be taken as fact. Do not read deeply into what is said, or the comments I read. they are random.

Nijisanji just had their virtual Rhapsody event, which was hyped up by them. It did not sell the tickets that they were expecting, and many places looked empty. Hololive’s concert looked different in comparison. what are your thoughts on this?

Hololive gives their managers Vtuber avatars and lets them have fun with it. they have done it with Nodoka and A-chan so far. do you think this should be something normal in an agency?

Hachi Himawari has reportedly been doxxed in the past and has recently deleted all social media. Did you hear about this before today? What do you think about deleting everything and moving on?

Dokibird is going to do a fillian and pippa, lumi collab. How do you think this is going to go?

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00:00 Intro
00:26 NEWS: Nijisanji Virtual Rhapsody empty failure
14:49 Memes: Nijisanji fails, Faqing Monke, Sakana wins
17:43 Commentary: Hololive gives managers avatars
19:27 News: Hachi Himawari doxxed and deletes social media
22:23 News: Doki collab with Fillian, Pippa, Lumi
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