⚖ 配信ルール Stream Rules ⚖ 

Have good manners and be respectful to others

Even if there’s a distasteful comment, let’s wash it out with positive comments!

Please try to refrain from chatting with other viewers during the stream, a little is okay though

Please refrain from mentioning other streamers/vtubers unless I bring up the topic

Please then also refrain from mentioning me in other people’s streams unless they specifically mention me

Please refrain from bringing up topics that don’t have to do with the stream, such as talking about your favorite things (one sided conversation)

I enjoy hearing your recommendations/requests, but please don’t try forcing me to do something.

Sometimes I lose track of which comments I read or not. If your comment does not apply to any of the above, I probably just missed it or read it silently, not ignoring it. I hope you understand.

For those who cannot follow the rules above, please be aware that you may be timed out or permanently banned. (For those who often come by my stream I will most likely verbally warn you before)
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