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It’s the morning after 11 new VTuber Debuts, and we need some chill time to process everything!!
Come talk about the new VTubers, the debuts, and paint a little!
First time painting, so come laugh and enjoy!!! There WILL the funny moments❤️❤️❤️❤️

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GENERAL: #AbiKadabura
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FANART: #AbsWorkArt

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  1. Use common sense. I have no common sense and even I know better than to be mean in chat.
  2. No politics! No racism! No bigotry! No homophobia! No nonesense!
  3. Don’t spam, unless you bring fried rice.
  4. Don’t bring up other people if I don’t bring them up first.
  5. Speak English or Portuguese! If you can try to type mostly in English, that’d be awesome! I’ve felt excluded enough times in my life; I don’t want non-Brazilians to feel that way!
  6. Don’t cringe at me, others, but mostly important: YOURSELVES. If you’re not being a little cringe then you’re doing things wrong.
  7. Please don’t compare me and my gen mate or us to any other VTubers. That’s sad 🙁

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My Twin Sister! (NOT CANONICALLY! – if it were canon, I would have accidentally eaten her in womb???? She’s yuh-mmy!)

Serina Maiko

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V4Mirai #V4Mirai

English VTuber Girl! Virtual Youtuber Cute Date POV!