Hello, I’m Rine! A Dark Fey who designed and rigg her own model.

I do multi-stream on Twitch and YouTube now mostly drawing and live2d rigging from Monday to Friday at 10am gmt+8 till 1pm gmt+8 (Malaysia timezone)

I don’t have weekly schedule anymore so feel free to join my discord server or follow twitter to get the special content stream announcement and community activities announcement.

Gameplay videos are all pre-recorded, I feel more comfortable doing it that way so if you watch it thank you so much! I appreciate it!

English will be the main language in this channel. Though Chinese and Cantonese are welcome too!
I’m a person who takes rules very seriously so please follow the rules and have fun together guys!


Be kind
Respect everyone
No spamming
No venting
No links (Only send link when Rine asked)
No self-promote
No cancel culture
No political talks
No sharing personal info
No long sentences message (more than 2 lines count as long)
No sexual harassment
No racist
No sexist
No homophobic
No transphobic
No ableist
No parasocial
No bots
Don’t force Rine to do things she is not willing to.
Please keep the topic related to the streaming content.
Any comment that’s doesn’t make sense will be ignore or delete.
Please type English, Chinese, Cantonese and minor Japanese only.



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My main channel for art and comfy stream!

Everyone in my discord server are super nice and chill, we talked about art, hobby, food, and life!

With your donations will help to keep the channel alive and I could provide more contents to you!
NO REFUND for all of the donations.

Become patron not just to support me also receive some monthly art rewards!

[Art Commission]
Interested in commissioning me? Feel free to check out my Carrd.co or Vgen link!