hello everyone welcome to the Live stream???? I hope you all are ready and excited For the EN Vtuber OtterFox Live stream, and if you’re new here please help us reach 5K Subscribers by Giving a like and subscribe.????
????MY Twitch – https://www.twitch.tv/r322c_

????MY Twitter – https://twitter.com/r322c

????MY Stream Labs tip jar – https://streamlabs.com/r322cgaming/tip

????MY Throne Wishlist – https://throne.com/rc_/wishlist

????Discord link – https://discord.gg/hur3tsq
⚠️Rules to Follow on Stream⚠️

???? Negativity & Rude Behaviour (Results in Timeout)
????Politics, Religious talk, and Drama (Results in Timeout)
????Inappropriate/sexual comments (Results in Ban)
????Sharing of personal info (Results in Timeout)
????No Spamming (Results in Timeout)
???? No Wagers (Results in Timeout)
???? No asking for Shoutouts (Results in Timeout)
????No asking for Moderator (Results in Timeout)
???? No threatening others (Results in Ban)
???? No Cyber-Bullying/Mocking (Timeout repeating may Result In a Ban)
???? No impersonating (Results in Ban)
????No telling your age on stream (Results in Ban)
????No bullying utter mods on stream (Results in Ban, time out, Losing mod)

!redeem r3f (300 points)
!redeem ggr3 (500 points)
!redeem Cry baby (250 points)
!redeem cute (100 points)
!redeem angry (150 points)
!redeem Pet (650 points)
!redeem twerk (3000 points)
!redeem Twerkforme (7000 points)

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Cozy Halloween Night ???? Fall Lofi 2023 ???? Halloween Lofi Vibes To Make You Feel Safe And Peaceful