See I go outside


The unstoppable tyrant of Krisis is here!


【Chat Rules】
・PLEASE DO NOT BACKSEAT unless I explicitly ask for it!
・Don’t spam or troll.
・Don’t bring up other streamers unless I mention them first.
・Try to keep the comments relevant to the stream.
・Refrain from chatting with others viewers.
・Please get along with each others and use block if needed.
・Please no aggressive Flirting
・Try to stay on topic and not dwell on something if I’ve stated that we should move on.
・Let’s have a good time together!



・GENERAL: #VantacrowBringer
・LIVE: #VantaHours
・SFW ART: #Vantalism
・NSFW ART: #Vantasize
・FAN NAME: #Vantacrew
・MEMES: #Vantalarious
・Thumbnails: #Thumbringer
・Assets: #Vantarsenal
・Clips: #Vantaflix
・Fanfiction: #Vanfiction


★ Vezalius Bandage


☆ VantacrowBringer


★ Yu Q. Wilson



【Official にじさんじ NIJISANJI Sites】
・YouTube (EN): / @nijisanji_en

▽ Guidance for minors…



・Thumbnail Art:
・Intro BGM – Blasting Zone
・BGM – Stay on your mind (
・Starting Soon Screen Animation –
・Overlay & Logo: