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Kyo Kaneko


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My name is Kyo Kaneko, ILUNA Institute of the Mystics 1st Year.
I’m a cheerful first year with a chaotic edge from NIJISANJI EN


  1. Be respectful. Any forms of discrimination, harassment, doxing (even speculations), etc. are not welcome here. No spam or trolling.
  2. No spoilers/backseating unless I ask for it!
  3. Please stay on-topic with the livestream.
  4. Please don’t bring up other streamers, unless I mention them first, and please don’t mention me in other streamer’s chats
  5. Do not trauma dump in any way. If you use a supa to do so it will be deleted and I will ignore it. If you are struggling, please seek professional help or call someone, help is available, and you aren’t alone

License :
・Starting Screen: furaisen // _hodusae
・Stinger Transition: XI_error

ILUNA Members

Kyo Kaneko (金子 鏡)

Maria Marionette

Aia Amare

Aster Arcadia

Scarle Yonaguni

Ren Zotto

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