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If you want to support me, thank you! Please understand, it’s a flag bearer’s duty to protect their people. So, only donate within what’s reasonable for you!


[ – Rules – ]
Be advised! If you’re in chat, you are in House Lyria! We have rules!

  1. Please be respectful to myself and all community members.
  2. Please try to keep discussions focused on the stream.
  3. Please no spamming or trolling.
  4. Please no spoilers. (Even if I’m speculating)
  5. Please be comfy, enjoy yourself!

[ – A Detailed Note on Backseating – ]
As a general rule, do not backseat. However, I understand that I might be playing one of your favorite games or a game you feel very passionately about. If there is something in a game that you really, really, want me to see then I will try to accommodate these requests (try to do so without spoilers, maybe poke me in a direction when I’m close!).

Aside from that, I am pretty good about asking for help when I really need it. So, please understand that I will ask if I really feel like I need help!

[ – Credits – ]
Waiting Screen Animation – まめすず (@kaisouafuro)
BGM, “Tower”, Composition – Flarous Von Lyria
BGM, “Tower”, Arrangement – Tk / teknizer (@tekk_a)
Stinger Transition – @mokusei0516