ikutan adu wallpaper kirim ke sini:
#vtuberid #vtuberindonesia

cara claim role discord :
1. join discord ghostie bestie https://discord.gg/v6mbXSW2MF
2. kirim screenshoot bukti tierliestmu di room “claim roles”
3. khusus tierlist skizo god akan di adu lewat vote, yang menang dapat special role “CHAMPION” (role champion bakal nongol di atas role lain, bisa flexing!)

Join Membership Ghostie neighborhood https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7Pnbt1nyos8SdOu_05Bd6A/join

???? Support Kokoro:
Trakteer ► https://trakteer.id/ghostbusterkokoro/tip
Sociabuzz/Media Share ► https://sociabuzz.com/ghostbusterkokoro/tribe
Donate ► https://streamlabs.com/ghostbusterkokoro
Discord ► https://discord.gg/v6mbXSW2MF
Twitter ► https://twitter.com/Kokoro0o
Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/onic.kokoro
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Twitch ► https://www.twitch.tv/ghostbusterkokoro
Steam Id ► 1115219716

Donation are NOT required or necessary, but they are always appreciated and help me upgrade stream quality ????

???? Kindly follow our ghost contract :
【ID】Kontrak/Aturan yang perlu diingat saat streaming berlangsung:
????NO DOXING dilarang membahas/menyebut/membocorkan data pribadi
????Harap bersikap ramah ke semuanya
????Dimohon untuk tidak melakukan diskusi diluar topik
????Dimohon untuk tidak membahas politik, mengumpat, mencela, berbicara kasar, atau bersifat rasis
????Dimohon untuk tidak membahas ataupun menyebut Vtuber/streamer lain di stream ini kecuali Kokoro yang membuka topik. Jangan mention Kokoro di stream lain juga kecuali dibahas oleh host duluan ya ????
????NO SELF PROMOTE PLEASE Colab by DM aja jangan dichat ya ????

【EN】Notice during the waiting time and the stream :
????NO DOXING, please dont discuss/mention anything about my personal info
????Please be kind to each other
????Please don’t have any OOT discussion in the comment
????Please no swearing, no politic, no racism or any other NSFW and harsh language
????Please don’t discuss or mention other Vtuber/streamer during the livestream if the topic isn’t started first by Kokoro. Also kindly never mention or discuss about Kokoro in other stream unless the host start it first ????
????NO SELF PROMOTE PLEASE Colab would be lovely, but please contact me by DC/DM not live chat ????

Let’s be the coolest ghost club !

Credits :
ママ パパ : https://twitter.com/ComatorStd
Waiting Screen : https://twitter.com/mauveamvs
Stinger : https://twitter.com/rayquazamv
Freetalk Overlay : https://twitter.com/lolio_kulikomis
Bubble Chat : https://twitter.com/JipanpanCh
End Screen : https://twitter.com/userfb__
BGM : https://dova-s.jp/EN/