Hi hi! My name is Rei, the keeper of memories. I play games, share clown advice and tell stories you may enjoy, so be sure to stick around!

????Twitter – https://twitter.com/memoriesofRei

????Ko-Fi – https://ko-fi.com/rei_vt

???? Positive and wholesome vibes only~
???? Kind backseat gaming is okay. I am dumb. Please help.
???? Do not mention other streamers in the chat unless I talk about them.
???? No bigotry of any kind in this household.

???? Start Soon Music – Little Bird by Liphe
???? Horror Story Music – Broken Piano by Vivek Abhishek
???? Twitch Panels – @/timetravelkey (twitter)
???? Writing Stream Music – TheRelaxedMovement
???? Model Art – Soya (@/shuffle7101on Twitter)
???? Layout – mielzy (@/miezly_png)
????Alert Sounds – TOFIE (twitter.com/TOFIEmusic)
????Just Chatting Music – Willow Tree by stream cafe ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9p3hVDWF8ko )