Chiffon Bon Leviathan: https://www.youtube.com/@CBLeviathan
Iolite Leviathan: https://www.youtube.com/@IoliteLeviathan
Shelly Concerti: https://www.youtube.com/@ShellyConcerti

Model art: https://twitter.com/yowaiinudasi
Model rigging: https://twitter.com/iuru013
BGM: https://twitter.com/Meinko_Oka
Overlays: Danna Casio
Emotes & Badges: https://twitter.com/noctiiucae
Logo: https://twitter.com/hifumidot

#vtuber #envtuber #vsinger #karaoke

Rui Eventide is part of RealCorp’s 1st generation of English vtubers. She’s a necromancer elf with strong Mommy vibes, who enjoys Western-style games similar to D&D, farming games, visual novels, and horror games. She also has an amazing singing voice that will charm you.

Founded in 2022, RealCorp is an American vtuber agency that values the creative expression of its talents.

Just Chatting / Zatsudan is a stream that is generally focused on interacting with viewers.