(I don’t know anything about Transformers. This game was just on sale on Steam.)


???? Offerings to the Isla-sama/アイラ様への献上品 ????
Donation alert sounds are available for $1-49, $50-$99, $100-100+
Offerings to Isla-sama is not obligatory, but appreciated! Thank you for your support~ ????
Please note that donations are nonrefundable.

???? Merch ????
↓ Isla Coleman Birthday Celebration 2022 Merch ↓
For other merch visit the official production kawaii BOOTH page!

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※ Coleknights should always behave when their princess is streaming! Please keep these rules in mind when participating in the live chat.

1.) The number one rule is to behave yourselves! Be respectful to one another.
2.) Please keep comments relevant to the stream! Don’t discuss any sensitive, controversial, or unrelated topics.
3.) No spamming or trolling. If possible, keep messages to just one at a time instead of sending them consecutively.
4.) Please keep in mind that I won’t be able to acknowledge every single message in the chat. Don’t take it personally if I miss your comment because sometimes it’s difficult for me to keep track of the chat especially with a high chat rate or during games.
5.) Do not bring up other streamers unless I mention them first. Likewise, please do not bring Isla-sama up in other people’s streams unless mentioned.
6.) If you see someone disobeying the chat etiquettes (i.e. spamming, being rude, etc.), do not engage. Simply block, report, and ignore them.
7.) Please keep backseating to a minimum, and also refrain from spoiling. I will only consult for guidance when I ask for it.
8.) Have fun. ????


Production 「kawaii」First Generation members:

【Charlotte Suzu ???? シャーロット・スズ】
Twitter: https://twitter.com/charsuzu_kawaii​​​

【Nene Amano ???? 天野寧々】
Twitter: https://twitter.com/amanene_kawaii​​​

【Reina Sun ???? レイナ・サン】


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