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♡ do not be rude to me, yourself, or other viewers
♡ do not backseat game unless I ask for help; backseating is when you tell me what to do in a game (small tips/info is okay, but please avoid saying things like “you should have done this”)
♡ do not spoil things for me/viewers, especially if it is the first time I’ve played the game
♡ no discrimination (ex: racism, sexism, homophobia, etc) towards others or myself
♡ no politics in the chat
♡ no age talk if you are not 18+ years old
♡ no self-promotion or advertising (this includes mentioning or hinting to the fact that you stream)
♡ speak english only in the chat; this makes it easier to moderate and make sure people are not saying bad things in other languages
♡ please do not trauma dump; this involves bringing up heavy topics, whether it relates to yourself or others (unless I bring them up first), we want to have a comfy time!


PNG done by: @Teliwis
Model art done by: @intheyuukei
Model rig done by: @mahoyoma
Chibi model done by:
Cat model:
3D model: