This channel delivers videos that allow you to experience virtual walking while enjoying various scenery.

For the first time, we will walk 3km in Odaiba, Tokyo.
Start from Odaiba Kaihin Park, pass the observation deck, Symbol Promenade Park, and the life-size Unicorn Gundam statue.

We recommend watching while riding a walking machine, but if you don’t have a machine, please watch while stepping lightly on the floor!
You can use it as BGM for study and work.

00:00 Odaiba Beach
14:08 Observation Deck
14:46 Symbol Promenade Park West Promenade
20:19 Unicorn Gundam Statue
21:28 Symbol Promenade Park Center Promenade
30:24 Yumeno Ohashi Bridge

????‍♂️Walking course(about 3km/1.8ml)

????Shooting Date

Hello World:BGMer
Sparkling sea:GT-K(DOVA-SYNDROME)

*About the distance display in the video
It is a rough figure measured based on Google Maps. note that.

*About the walking course (Google Maps)
Since there are some parts that cannot be created on Google Maps, such as narrow roads and loopholes, it may differ from the actual route you walked.

*All materials in the video are original content.

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