Silver Wolffffffffff!

Streaming on the same time on twitch! Twitch 同時視聽:

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Heya, I’m Wisteria Starling, an HK EN vtuber. I’m a druid variant human / faunus with starling wings from a DnD campaign.

discord server:
marshmallow 棉花糖:
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throne 禮物盒:

live and clips – #wisterilive
song – #wistearia
art – #wisterillustration
18+ art – #hornisteria
meme – #funnisteria
general – #wisteriastarling

Chat rules!
– Be kind to everyone. No spamming or trolling.
– If you see spamming or trolling, ignore or even block them.
– Don’t stray too far from the topic of the stream.
– Try not to bring up other streamers unless they are in the stream/chat.
– Don’t bring me up in other streams either unless I’m there.
– Backseat gaming is not preferred but it’s acceptable when I’m absolutely struggling.
– No meta talking please, unless I bring it up. I play casually for the characters and story.
– Do not trauma dump. We’re all here to relax. If you really want some life advice, please use marshmallow.
– Please refrain from talking about political, racial or religious topics, unless I mentioned it first. Stop when I stop.

– 對所有人都要有友善。不可洗版或中傷別人。
– 如有人洗版或中傷別人,請不要理會或甚至封鎖他。
– 不要說跟直播沒太大關係的東西。
– 除非他們本人在此直播或聊天室中,盡量不要說其他直播者的名字或事情。
– 同樣地,在別人的直播中也不要提起我。
– 若果我沒有在卡關,請不要對遊戲的玩法進行指點。
– 不要教導我如何「正確」地玩遊戲,我是一個為了角色和故事而玩的輕鬆玩家。
– 請不要在這裏訴苦。大家都是來放鬆的。如果你很需要我的情緒支援,可以在棉花糖中告訴我。
– 請盡量不要聊有關政治、種族或宗教的題目。若果是我帶頭說的,我說不要再說時就請不要再說。

model mama: @qb_makerstudio (twitter)

logo: @choocoomiintt10 (twitter)
stream opening, ending animation and two stream overlays: @CatalogzX (twitter)

transition animation: @CupofStardustTV (twitter)
opening BGM: Eternal Garden by Dan Henig
stream BGM: Chords of Harmony by Aakash Gandhi
ending BGM: Dreamland by Aakash Gandhi