ayy lmao! Nice ta meetcha, earthling! Welcome to Koyuki channel. ????

fck you i dont want to be social i just wanna draw little pictures and sing along to my playlist BONK ME YOUTUBE I DARE YOU IM NOT MONETIZED ANYWAY

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????CHAT RULES! 1) Respect people! No racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, or anything else of that kind! 2) PG-13/R! No Extremes. (underage, extreme violence, sexual assault, heavy drug use, etc) 3) Don't be a clown! Listen to and respect me and the mods. We don't wanna use the ban-hammer. 4) Don't spam! Sometimes I don't see your message but sometimes I don't reply FOR A REASON. 5) No roleplaying, no venting, and no attention hogging. We're here to hang, not cater to you in particular! 6) have a baja blast! :) thank u for reading and respecting the way we do things here!!

heres the redeem codes for the loyalty points system (the points are called Spores!) via StreamLabs Cloudbot
How to get points: watch the stream, be active in the chat, and subscribe!

!points (shows how many points u have)

Commands for me:
!redeem hydrate (make me sippy my bajy blast for 15 spores, 30 minute cooldown)
!redeem save (make me save my canvas or my game for 30 spores)
!redeem yoink (steal my Zone-tan body pillow for 100 spores. 1 per stream)
!redeem hotinhere (make me take off my jacket for 100 spores. 30 minute cooldown.)
!redeem snowmiser (make me put my jacket back on for 100 spores. 1 per stream)
!redeem sillyhat (make me wear a random silly hat for 50 spores. 30 minute cooldown)

Sounds effects:
!redeem hi (play a kirby hi sound effect for 5 spores. One hi per person per stream, use wisely!)
!redeem jumpscare (play a “jumpscare” sound effect for 30 spores. 30 minute cooldown, use wisely!)
!redeem wow (play an owen wilson wow! sound effect for 15 spores)
!redeem bonk (play a bonk sound effect for 15 spores)
!redeem wahwahwah (play a wah wah wah sound effect for 15 spores)
!redeem oof (play an oof sound effect for 15 spores)
!redeem airhorn (play a gamer airhorn sound effect for 15 spores)
!redeem fart (play a fart sound effect for 15 spores)
!redeem nootnoot (play a pingu noot noot sound effect for 15 spores)
!redeem chimp (play a monke sound effect for 15 spores)

????Stream Schedule whenever

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