【Kup Goodle Twitch Channel】
【Kup Goodle Twitter】

【Please follow the Stream Rules】
1. All languages are welcome in chat! I love seeing messages in other languages (even if I don’t understand them).

  1. If you see a bot account spamming or trolling, don’t respond. Just report, block, and ignore those comments.

  2. No spoilers during gameplay! Stick to talking about things that have already happened on stream.

  3. Don’t backseat or give advice to the streamer during gameplay unless the streamer requests it.

  4. If I say a name, word, or phrase incorrectly, it’s perfectly fine to correct me.

  5. I’m a big fan of other vtubers, and I love hearing about them! Talking about other streamers and chatting about other topics unrelated to my stream are OK on this channel. Always speak respectfully of other streamers, this channel is a place for respecting and loving vtubers, not for causing drama or gossip. (This rule is different than most other vtubers’. Please follow their rules when you are on their channels.)

  6. Don’t talk about Kup Goodle in other streamers’ chats. Always follow their stream rules when you are on their channels.
    ほかの配信者さん/VtuberさんがKup Goodleの話題を出さない限り、Kup Goodleの名前を他の方の配信で話すことはお控えください。あなたが彼らのチャンネルにいる間、他のvtubersのチャンネルルールに従ってください。

  7. Uploading clips, remixes, and highlights of my content is OK, but the content you post must be edited somehow and not a direct re-upload of my own content; your post can’t use more than 10 minutes of my content; and you must give me credit and provide links to my channels. If you don’t follow those guidelines, I will ask you to remove your post.

This game has been recorded and monetized with permission from the copyright owners.
Capcom’s Permission: https://www.capcomusa.com/video-policy/
Nintendo’s Permission: https://www.nintendo.co.jp/networkservice_guideline/en/index.html

【Stream Hashtags】
???? General hashtag for streams and schedules : #noodcontent
???? Music : #kupbeat
???? Fan Art : #kuptoon
???? Art by Me: #kupdoodle
???? Fan Name: #noodcrew

☆ All Kup Goodle models, art, backgrounds, BGM, and animations used on this channel are created and owned solely by me.☆