(Note : Turn on subtitles for ENG translation!!)

I’m happy to finally meet you!! My name is Konaki Rikou~ I’m the Goddess of “Infinitia” – my Heart’s Universe!! However, in this world, I’m just a regular human~

I’m sorry for my bad Japanese pronunciation!! I’ve never actually spoken the language with my voice until this day… I’ll keep practicing and get better!

やっと君 に会えて嬉しい!! 私の名前は「小泣き・利口 / こなき・りこう / コナキ・リコウ」です~ 私は「インフィニチア」の女神、それは私の心の世界!! だけど, この世界の中で, ただ普通の人間です~

悪い日本語のために, ごめなさい!! これが初めて日本語を話す… もっと 練習 なきゃ!

I’m a little embarrassed with how this came out, but I have to start somewhere!! I’ll do my best to improve for the future! I hope you’ll be there with me, thank you for your support and friendship ^0^ ⭐????


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